Monday 17 August 2020

Forgotten Bigfoots Around the World - a New Book

      Everyone has heard of the bigfoot, or sasquatch of North America, but it is not so well known that reports of similar beings exist in every continent except Antarctica. Ivan T. Sanderson did a fairly good job of summarising the evidence in his 1961 book, Abominable Snowmen: legend brought to life - though even he managed to miss the yowie of Australia, one continent where such animals definitely should not exist. Now I have published a new book on the subject - in both paperback and e-book editions, and available through Amazon - to provide information otherwise unavailable to the average Anglophone reader. 

     Forgotten Bigfoots Around the World is not intended to be comprehensive; it is not an update of Sanderson's work. Rather, it is a compilation of reports on specific regions, culled from out-of-the-way, difficult to access journals, and mostly in foreign languages, which I have translated. Although I would never be proficient enough in French or Spanish to serve as a professional translator, I am confident that the purport of the original texts has been preserved. In fact, if it occasionally appears a little bit stilted, it is because no two languages express the same idea in the same way, and I have favoured accuracy over elegance.
    The longest sections are the detailed reports of Dr. Magraner on his investigations in the Chitral district of Pakistan, which effectively proves the existence of the yeti, followed by Dr. Koffmann's lengthy summary of her investigations in the Caucasus. These two translations take up the first half of the book.
    After that, you will read of mysterious sightings in Europe (of all places!), Central and Southern America, and Africa.
   Have a good time with it. It will open your eyes. And remember: this is really only the tip of the iceberg.


  1. How odd, bigfoots have been seen worldwide and all over the United States except in the mountains of Southern California. Bogus claims in search of publicity, yes. Legitimate sightings, no. UFO landings, even a crash in the 40s, yes. But nothing of bigfoot even in the San Gorgonio Wilderness or the San Jacinto mountains above Palm Springs.

    1. "In search of publicity" ? Wow yer WAY out of touch..Actually take a look at a subject before you make a statement about it..The vast majority of sightings and actual proof are never heard or seen because of boneheads just like you that dont know what they're talking about and are quick to ridicule..There is SO MUCH proof out there you just have to look for it..Its simple..All you have to do is watch 10 or 20 eyewitness videos,the REAL ones where you can see it in their eyes as they re live it...You cant fake that..Watch a 1960s planet of the apes movie and then tell me Patterson/Gimlin made a fn suit that clearly shows muscle movement under the skin..You can see her giant quad muscle (thigh) flex and un flex when her foot hits the ground..I thought it was a bunch of nonsense myself until I actually looked into it a little..Its actually quite amazing..

  2. Malcolm. I know you don't like to reply. But, does your book have a taxonomy of different ones, and their regions around the world. I'm trying to line up with historical records and modern accounts as to the nature of each type?

    1. Where did you get the idea that I don't like to reply? But no, it doesn't have a taxonomy. In some of the chapters I have commented on the differences between, for example, the almasties of the Caucasus and the bigfoot of North America, but, by and large, I have left it for the readers to draw their own conclusions.