First of all, let me explain the acronyms used in the labels.
ABC: Alien Big Cats - the mysterious "panthers" and "pumas" which seem to pop up everywhere, with special reference to Australia.
ABSM: This was Ivan T. Sanderson's acronym for Abominable Snowmen - such as bigfoot, yetis, yowies etc.
NG: New Guinea
SS: Sea Serpents - also includes lake monsters.

Initially, I decided to translate a number of articles, mostly French, for the benefit of English speaking readers.
Thylacines in Indonesian New Guinea? The Tasmanian tiger is known to have once lived in New Guinea, and a friend found this Indonesian newspaper article for me about living "tigers" in the Indonesian half of the island.
Thylacines in Indonesian New Guinea - Further Evidence.
Mythical Beings of Madagascar. Purely mythical, but they are still interesting.
Unknown African Pygmies? The "bush dwarfs" of the Central African Republic appear more human than animal, and there have even been witnesses.
The Creatures of the Caucasus. A translation of Dr Koffmann's long article in French about the manlike animals of the Caucasus. It consists of four interlinked parts, the first providing the background, the second and third detailed eyewitness accounts, and the fourth an analysis. A definitive article on the subject.
The Yeti of Pakistan. The definitive study of the bar-manu: the name of the yeti in far north Pakistan, by a man who spoke the local language. This is a two part article, the first providing the background, and the second some very close encounters by eye witnesses.
More on the Chitral Yeti. This follows up the previous article. I managed to find the complete document, and translate several more eye witness accounts.
The Wild Man of the Pyrenees. An article concerning creatures similar to those of the Caucasus, but in the mountains between Spain and France.
The Barcelona Satyr, 1760. Perhaps a "wild man" on display.
A Photo of the Wild Man of the Pyrenees?
The Search for the Wild Man of the Pyrenees.
Giant Ape Attacks Hunters in Guatemala
Bigfoot in the Andes?
New Zealand's Mystery Animal. The "waitoreke": some sort of otter-like mammal in a land without land mammals.

Classic Cases
Here I go through the old newspapers for the original accounts of some classic Australian cases.
The Whistling, Neck-Spouting Bunyip. It appears absolutely bizarre, but there may be a simple explanation.
A Trove of Bunyips. A collection of reports from old newspapers.
At Last, the Double-Headed Bunyip of Tuckerbil Swamp!
The Monsters of the Murray - and the Macquarie.
The Monster of the Everglades, 1901. A really big snake.

Bunyips, Sea Serpents, and Port Phillip. A transcript of a speech I gave to the National Wool Museum.
The Great North Queensland Tiger Hunt of 1923. This throws light on some of the old anecdotes.
More on the Queensland Marsupial Tiger
The Wonthaggi "Monster". It roamed the vicinity of this Victorian town in 1955 to 1957. Was it a dog, a cat, or something else?

Alien Big Cats in New Guinea. This is a remarkable story told to me by a family friend.
Snarls from the Tea-Tree. This is a review of a book on big cat lore in Victoria.
The Cryptids of Mount Tamborine. There were black panthers, all right, but it was the small, striped thing which really intrigued me.
The Trouble with Eye Witnesses. Provides examples about the reliability, or lack of such, of eye witnesses.
Big Black Cats in Southeast Queensland. From my personal files.
More Big Black Cats in Southeast Queensland.
Still More Big Cats in Southeast Queensland.
Big Cats in North Queensland
More Big Cats in Far North Queensland
Another Queensland "Black Panther"

What Terrifies a Congo Pygmy? It would be easy to write off the Esamba as a mythological demon, except that a white resident experienced it.
What Was That Big Fish? Seen from a beach in southeast Queensland.
Carnivorous Plants in Central America? Three strange, if dubious, stories.
A "National Geographic" Cryptid. You find cryptozoological reports in the most unlikely places. This one turned up in a very well respected magazine.
The Weird Little Visitor to Gayndah. Also absolutely bizarre, but with no simple explanation.
Journal of Cryptozoology, volume 2. A review.
Journal of Cryptozoology, volume 3
Strange Striped Animals in North Queensland
A Thylacine in North Queensland?
Thylacine Fever in the Wonthaggi District
"The Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant?" - a Review
Footprints in the Sand
Up de Graff and the Giant Anacondas
Big Birds Do Fly. Two "thunderbird" sightings in the U.S.

Sea Serpents (and Lake Monsters)
An Extraordinary Underwater Sea Serpent.  Seen from a diving bell.
My Coworker's Sea Serpent
Thoughts on the Lake Labynkyr Monster. A radio station asked my opinion on this matter, so I might as well share it with you as well.
Another Deception Bay Sea Serpent. Quite different from the more famous one a few years later.
Lake Monsters - What They Aren't. A discussion of some misconceptions
A Trove of Sea Serpents. 1902 off Victoria, and 1930 off New South Wales
The Year of the Sea Serpents, 1934. For several months they turned up all along the coast of Australia.
More Forgotten Sea Serpent Sightings
The Nemesis Sea Serpent of 1900
The "Tresco" Sea Serpent of 1903
The Original Deception Bay "Monsters". Some very strange creatures appeared near my home in the 1960s.
Really Gigantic Squid. In this I analyse the evidence for giant squid much larger than those officially recognized. See Part 1 and Part 2.

Yowies (ABSM)
Tales of the Australian Bigfoot. Some unpublished reports I have collected.
More Tales of the Australian Bigfoot.
Littlefoot in Australia? Are they juvenile yowies, or "little hairy men"?

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  1. I edit the American blogspot for the Centre for Fortean Zoology. Having just discovered your blog, I hope to point many of my readers in its direction. The quality of your work is very high. I have also read your book "Bigfoots and Bunyips" which I found very valuable as a reference source.


The Possum Book

I am pleased to provide a link to a website of a friend of mine, Robyn Tracey, who has written a fascinating story about her dealings with brush-tailed possums in the outer suburbs of Sydney. You can download the book for free, or read it on the site. Go to: The Possum Book.